I’m into history of art like Van Gogh and other artiest too. I like to draw patterns, landscapes and other kind of art too. I have done G.S.E.C. in art the grade I have is D. I have been to Tate modern galley twice with school 9 years ago.


On 13th December 2002 I took up web design I have been doing it for 9 years now. I done it with my dad and we enjoy it. I have done two courses, one on induction to Dream weaver MX 04 and the other one is induction to Flash MX 04. I been doing graphics design for 9 years now and I enjoy doing it making funny pictures with photos. I all so been doing companies sites for local places I have been doing it for a year.


In May 2004 I join in sea cadets in Dartford it was called T.S. Anson, it is for Junior Sea Cadets 10 - 12 years, New Entries - 12 - 16 and Instructors - 18 - 50. You get to wear real naval uniform was 4's is working uniform and 1s was best blues, you do rowing, power boating etc. In the cadets you get budgies for junior you get Junior Sea Cadet 2nd Class (JSC2) up to Leading Junior Sea Cadet (LJC), for New Entries you get New Entry (NE) up to Petty Officer Cadet (POCdt) and for Instructors you Civilian Instructor (CI) up to Lieutenant Commander (LtCdr) and you earn awards etc.


I started Kempo Jitsu on 3rd June 2004 with Sensei Terry Clarke, a shy young girl walking into a Dojo for the first time, scared stiff. She was not scared of being injured or getting hurt particularly, then I had my first grading on 27th June 2004 I was nerve, end of the grading I pass. She was scared of fitting in. She lacked self-esteem and confidence in her own abilities. But I did made new friends over the years, but I progressed to become a 3rd Kyu Blue Belt.


I been playing golf for 7 years now, I got into by watching it on TV and playing on game boy so did my boyfriend, so I went to my local golf centre on the driving range and my dad bought me set of half golf clubs for me too. I have practice very hard to improve my skills.


I have start Wado Ryu Karate on May 2006 with Sensei Tony Duke, I been doing karate for year and half now on and off. I only passed three grading’s so far. I have passed 9th kyu red belt, 8th kyu yellow belt and now I passed 7th kyu orange belt also I have done bit of competition training with Sensei Steve Groom for few months. I am aiming for my (Shodan), 1st Dan Black Belt.


I have been doing Tai Chi Chuan for 5 years now and I am learning yang style. I am keep updating my knowledge on Tai Chi Chuan. The forms I know is 24, 42 and I also know Xing Yi Quan the 5 elements of wood and water etc. I have also done same teaching in it only beginnings class but I will keep it up my teaching and learning.